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Type Three Double Eagles 1877 - 1907 By Mike Fuljenz (**)
NLG' 2023 Best Investment Book of the Year
The updated history and analysis of Type 3 Double Eagles 1877-1907

  • Over 100 full-color photographs
  • Celebrity coin collectors
  • Law enforcement tips on how to protect your valuables from theft
  • "Peter," an eagle that lived at the Philadelphia Mint and inspired coin designs
  • The definitive article on the National Motto, In God We Trust
  • Augustus Saint-Gaudens  and President Theodore Roosevelt's "Pet Crime"
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Type Two Double Eagles 1866 - 1876 by Dr. Mike Fuljenz (**)

NLG Award-Winning Reference Book U.S. Type Two Double Eagles


An updated, expanded version is now available of the award-winning United States gold coins reference book, Type Two Double Eagles 1866-1876, a Numismatic History and Analysis , by prominent rare coin dealer and author Dr. Michael Fuljenz.

At the World’s Fair of Money®, the Numismatic Literary Guild honored it as the 2022 Best Investment Book of the Year. It is the second time Fuljenz has been honored with an Investment Book of the Year award on the topic of Type Two Double Eagles.

“The Type Two design was the first Double Eagle to include the motto, IN GOD WE TRUST, and is an important part of United States coinage,” said Fuljenz.

The new, 117-page edition with full-color illustrations of every coin provides collectors with useful information about the 31 different $20 denomination gold business strikes and proofs produced at the Carson City, Philadelphia, and San Francisco mints between 1866 and 1876. It gives easy access to rarity rankings, striking and luster characteristics, eye appeal, and other useful information to build a collection.

Readers will learn about the history and development of the Type Two Liberty Head and its design elements, historical price valuations, celebrities who collect these types of coins, what examples are in the National Numismatic Collection at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History, and tips about how collectors can safely store and protect their coins to avoid theft.

Dr. Fuljenz, includes a consumer protection advisory section about counterfeit Double Eagles produced in China and offered to unsuspecting buyers in the U.S. marketplace.

There is also information about the IN GOD WE TRUST motto and Peter the Eagle, the bald eagle that lived at the United States Mint in Philadelphia in the 1830s which inspired the eagle design on the reverse of the Double Eagles.

The price for Type Two Double Eagles 1866-1876 is $29.95 postage paid.  A complimentary copy of the book also can be obtained for anyone purchasing a PCGS or NGC-certified gold coin with an account representative at 1-800-321-8700
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Indian Gold Coins Of The 20th Century By Mike Fuljenz (**)
Mike Fuljenz, one of the world's noted authorities on coin grading and the United States rare coin market, shares nearly 40 years of numismatic expertise in this industry-leading book, which received the 2010 Numismatic Literary Guild "Investment Book of the Year" award.
  • Award-Winner: 2010 NLG "Investment Book of the Year" 
  • Collecting strategies: type, mint, year, complete sets, and proof type
  • Theodore Roosevelt's relationship with Indian Gold Coins
  • Full-color photographs of some of the finest-known specimens
  • How to protect your guns and gold from theft
  • Augustus Saint-Gaudens revealed
  • Date by date analysis
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