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           Those famous lines were penned by William Shakespeare for Romeo and Juliet, one of his most popular plays. Juliet speaks them in professing her love for Romeo – a love that transcends their families’ bitter feud and makes their surnames irrelevant.

            The simple yet eloquent words cut to the very core of the poignant drama – a tale retold in modern American terms in West Side Story. The language of numismatics is far more prosaic. Shakespeare’s basic message is universal, though: People or things remain the same – just as beautiful, just as appealing, just as worthy of admiration – no matter what people call them.

            In the numismatic world, very different names frequently are used to describe the identical coins.

            Learning the various names associated with a given coin can sometimes be much more than just a diverting way to pass the time. Now and then, it can furnish important information on how to identify the coin in price guides and other publications.

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