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Our Award-Winning Educational Resources

1st National Reserve believes that you deserve access to quality information on current and future investment trends in numismatics. With decades of numismatic experience, our experts have assembled a collection of award-winning educational resources to assist you in reaching your investing or collecting goals.

Our Numismatic Consultant, Mike Fuljenz, is a respected award-winning numismatic author with a well-established history as a numismatic authority, and he plays an integral role in all of our resource publications. When you work with 1st National Reserve, you benefit not only from our well-informed insights and recommendations, but you also receive resource materials that have already been acknowledged by peers within our industry as being among the best materials available anywhere.

At 1st National Reserve, we are committed to helping our clients reach their collecting and investment goals. To receive our award-winning educational resources and learn more about our diversification and collecting strategies, call us toll-free at (800) 321-8700. We look forward to serving you.

Investment Book Of The Year: 2010 NLG Award-Winner


In 2010, Mike Fuljenz received his fourth Numismatic Literary Guild "Investment Book of the Year Award" for Indian Gold Coins Of The 20th Century.

The book, which offers a comprehensive analysis of all three Indian gold coins produced in the 20th century, is an absolute must read for all collectors and investors, whether novice or experienced. Covering the history behind the creation of these coins during the administration of President Theodore Roosevelt, which involved two world class artists, Augustus Saint-Gaudens and Bela Lyon Pratt, Mike's book also offer a detailed look at the mint production history and the rarity rankings of the surviving certified population. At a price of only $9.95, which includes FREE shipping and handling, ordering the book may be one of the very best purchases you make all year.

For more information on this award-winning book, go here. To order, go here. ($9.95)

FREE Award-Winning Gold Guide


By America’s Gold Expert, Mike Fuljenz

Our Award-Winning Personal Gold Guide features commentary and analysis from our Numismatic Consultant, Michael Fuljenz, a winner of over 50 awards from the Numismatic Literary Guild for his books, newsletters, articles and media appearances. Mike's "Personal Gold Guide," which features a comprehensive overview of all aspects of the gold markets, went on to win a NLG Best Dealer Publication Award and a 1st Place Excellence in the Media Award by the Press Club of Southeast Texas in 2012.

To order a free copy of our award-winning "Personal Gold Guide," go here.

FREE Award-Winning Coin Certification Brochure


By America’s Gold Expert, Mike Fuljenz

Before you buy gold or silver, learn why serious investors are choosing certified (numismatic) coins over gold bullion coins and bars. In this NLG award-winning 8-page brochure, America’s Gold Expert, Mike Fuljenz will help you understand why numismatic gold coins should be a top consideration as you determine your next precious metals purchase. The brochure helps you understand:

  • Why your Coins should be Graded
  • Coin Grading Processes
  • Benefits of Certification
"Why All Your Important Coins Should Be Certified" delivers an insightful, “insider’s” analysis into the diligent processes involved in coin certification, authentication and grading as performed by NGC and PCGS, the two major coin certification services we recommend. CALL TODAY (800) 321-8700 FOR YOUR FREE COPY


FREE SUBSCRIPTION: Award-Winning Monthly Metals Market Report

by America’s Gold Expert, Mike Fuljenz


Interviewed by NBC News, CNBC, FOX Business and many others, America’s Gold Expert Mike Fuljenz is the expert’s expert. Now, you can get the same information experts interview Mike about, delivered FREE to your inbox – Today.  Every month you’ll get Mike’s top gold and silver picks, award-winning educational videos & resources, as well as in-depth coverage of some of the most relevant geo-political and global economic issues impacting the investment world, precious metals prices and the rare coin markets – that affect you and your future.  Get the award-winning news you can use now. FREE and delivered monthly - right to your inbox!

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About The Coin Grading Scale

Coin grading experts evaluate a coin's present condition against its condition in the mint upon manufacture. Professional numismatists use the Sheldon Grading Scale developed by Dr. William Sheldon which uses a 70-point numerical scale when determining a coin's proper rating and value.


Certified grades assigned to collectible coins range from poor (1) to perfect (70). A coin can either be designated mint state, (struck for circulation) or proof, (usually specially struck for collectors). The following are the grades you may see on a certified coin and a brief description of what it means.
P-1 Poor All designs are barely recognizable
AG-3 About Good Very heavily worn but part of date may be readable
G-4 Good All design elements are visible but may be faint
VG-8 Very Good Well worn but all design elements clear although flat
F-12 Fine Even moderate wear so that entire design is bold
VF-20 Very Fine Moderate wear on high points of design but all major details clear. A pleasing circulated coin.
VF-30 Choice Very Fine A very fine example just short of the next grade with minimum contact marks or other imperfections
Extremely Fine Design is lightly worn with most high points visible with slight wear or flatness. Luster may be present in protected areas
XF-45 Choice Extremely Fine A bit more luster or less contact marks than previous grade
AU-50 Almost Uncirculated Traces of light wear on most high points. Usually 25-50 percent of mint luster evident
AU-53 Choice Almost Uncirculated Same as above but fewer contact marks or other imperfections
AU-55 Premium Almost Uncirculated At least 50 percent of luster evident and less contact marks or other imperfections
AU-58 Premium Almost Uncirculated At least 75 percent or more luster present and less imperfections


(Accurate determination of these grades can only be done through extensive comparisons to standard grading service grading sets.)
MS-60 Uncirculated No wear but may show considerable bag marks, discoloration, abrasion, detail weakness and other unsightly traits including diminished luster. Out of an original bag of coins the most imperfect coins are the MS-60s. In some early series, for example 18th and 19th century coinage, where mint state examples are rare, MS-60s are coveted. In most 20th century series MS-60s are considered too low a grade for rare coin investors to consider.
MS-61 Uncirculated Less imperfections than MS-60s
MS-62 Choice Uncirculated Lighter marks and abrasion and 90-100 percent full luster. The first really choice mint state grade. May have some strike weakness.
MS-63 Choice Uncirculated A pleasing uncirculated coin with full luster. Most contact marks are on the periphery. Contact marks may be present in key central areas but are scattered. Strike may be a trifle less than full. Other minor imperfections may be present.
MS-64 Gem Uncirculated Less marks in key central areas, full luster, almost full detail and good overall eye appeal separate this grade from lower grades.
MS-65 Gem Uncirculated Only a few marks in key central areas and minor marks on the periphery. Excellent eye appeal whether the coin is brilliant or has attractive coloration (toning). Details are strong and mint made imperfections, if any, are barely noticeable.
MS-66 Gem Uncirculated Slightly more eye appealing than MS-65. Contact marks or frost breaks are slight.
MS-67 Superb Uncirculated All imperfections require intense scrutiny to locate. This is a mind boggling eye appealing specimen.
MS-68 Superb Uncirculated An amazing coin that experts often use a term like wonder coin to describe its eye appeal and immaculate surfaces.
MS-69 Superb Uncirculated Only under intense magnification can any undesirable trait be discerned. Phenomenal eye appeal.
MS-70 Perfect Uncirculated Almost nonexistent.


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