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Get to Know the “Team Mike” Professionals at 1st National Reserve

Ryan Verde, Manager

Ryan has worked 29 years at 1st National Reserve. He is married with three children (two daughters and a son). His hobbies are golf and the shooting sports, but his passion is coaching kids, including youth football, baseball and basketball. Ryan was a college baseball player. He has also served on area football and baseball boards and served as a volunteer at the area Boys’ Haven. At work each day, he is proud of our business standards and ethics, as we maintain an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and deliver award-winning materials to customers.

His favorite coins are the American Gold Eagle and Type II $20 Liberty gold coins. Ryan says, “The American Gold Eagle is the most popular gold bullion coin in the world, and it is both beautiful and provides financial security for our customers. I also enjoy helping clients easily diversify their IRAs with American Gold Eagles.” As for the $20 Libs, Ryan adds: “I really love the history of the Type II $20s. They were only minted from 1866 to 1876 and were our first double eagles with the motto ‘In God We Trust.’ My customers appreciate our ability to find the rarer examples of this series for their sets, many of which are included in our innovative 20/20 program.”

Ryan is here for you. Please don’t hesitate to contact him.

Keith Myers, Veteran Account Manager

Keith Myers is a veteran account manager with 1st National Reserve and has been with the company for over 26 years. He is especially proud of their A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and the fact they have been accredited with the BBB since 2002.

Keith has been married for 27 years and has two sons. He likes to hunt and fish and spend time with his family.

Keith has served the community in his role as president of the local youth football league and vice-president of a Pony Baseball League. He has also volunteered with Boys’ Haven and provided food at several of their events.

Keith’s favorite coin is the historic and extremely popular $20 Liberty gold piece. He loves the beauty and rarity of the coin, as well as, telling the story behind this incredible coin. He is not only one of the “go to” advisers for rare gold and silver coins, his expertise in converting 401k/IRA accounts to precious metals sets him apart. With gold continuing to rise, now is the time to look at adding precious metals to your portfolio.

Ricky Doiron, Veteran Account Manager

Ricky has been with the company for 25 years and is very knowledgeable in coins from the Carson City Mint, particularly $20 gold double eagles.

Ricky is from Orange, TX. and he and his wife, Heather, met through mutual friends and have been married for 10 years. He has an adult daughter and an adopted son. They support multiple charities, including the American Cancer Society and Autism Awareness.

An avid motorcycle fan, Ricky was paralyzed from the waist down in 2000 when he crashed and the bike landed on top him. The injury hasn’t discouraged him or broken his spirit, in fact, he said, “my life is better after the wreck.”

He still loves motorcycles and going to car shows but he also focuses on helping his clients build their coin collections. He said he chose coins from Carson City because of their rarity and the mint’s history, which only operated for a total of 21 years. That makes “CC” coins exceedingly rare and sought after. He is also adept in helping his clients move a portion of their retirement accounts into precious metal IRAs.

“I like being able to help others build a collection and a financial security they can be proud of,” Doiron said. “And working in numismatics allows me to meet all types of people.”

Ricky said he is especially proud to work at 1st National Reserve because of its BBB rating and accreditation since 2002.

Klint Myers, Veteran Account Manager

Klint Myers, is a 19-year veteran employee of 1st National Reserve and has a background in the insurance claims industry. He has two children and his favorite hobbies are hunting and fishing.

His love of coins focuses on the $3 Indian gold coin. The uniqueness and rarity of the low-mintage $3 Indian, also called the $3 Princess because Lady Liberty is wearing a headdress traditionally worn by Native American Princesses, are why this is Klint’s favorite coin. And Klint is always willing to tell people about his favorite coin story, which is how the Saddle Ridge Hoard collection was found in California.

It doesn’t matter if it’s saltwater or freshwater, Klint is an avid fisherman and when it gets too cold to fish, if there is such a time, he does some deer hunting and occasionally goes duck hunting. But when he’s not hunting, fishing or adding to his own personal coin collection, Klint builds custom fishing rods and sponsors the local high school fishing team in his community. It’s his way of giving back to the community and helping educate kids about the outdoors.

Jordan Williams, Account Representative

Jordan Williams, an Account Representative for 1st National Reserve for the past eight years, grew up in Southeast Texas and graduated from Lumberton High School in 2005.

He and his wife, Alexandria, have two children ages three and one, and they focus much of their time on their young family. However, Jordan does give support to the Garth House and coaches AAU Basketball. He is a fan of shooting sports and enjoys hunting and fishing.

Like most people working in the numismatics sector, Jordan loves coins but in addition to collecting them as a way to pass on the history of America to his children, he also collects sports cards, jerseys and signed sports memorabilia. His favorite coin is the gold Type 2 $20, as well as, the $10 and $25 American Gold Eagles.

Jordan specializes in helping his clients rollover a portion of their retirements into Gold IRAs and desires to help people plan better for their financial futures.

He is especially proud of 1st National Reserve’s A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and the fact they have been accredited with the BBB since 2002.